What is NDPP?

NDPP is an approved curriculum by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where participants will have weekly sessions with myself as a trained lifestyle coach to help you lose weight, eat healthier, be more physically active, and manage stress.


“In 2016 after an accident, I developed prediabetes. I joined the RCHF lifestyle change program and am so happy that it made a real difference in getting my numbers in the healthy range. Not only did I gain knowledge, but the support from the coaches as well as my fellow participants was a very important aspect for me.”

-Wendy Mello Cohort A

“Since starting this journey, there have been a few milestones.  One of which is, meeting the people in my cohort that were willing to walk and work with me for who I was and the common goals we wanted to achieve.  They met me where I was and started to walk with me on this journey.  Sometimes even pushing and encouraging as we went.  The milestone that will be my goal to chase continually, was losing 40+ pounds from May – September 2018.  I am pushing towards the next leg of this journey with a group of amazing people.  I didn’t attend every event but when I did it was like I never missed.”

-Paula Holden-Mitchell Cohort A